You Can Speak with an Experienced Probate Specialist (For Free!)

We offer a complimentary strategy session with one of our experienced probate specialist. You can meet by phone or in person at a place that is most comfortable for you. Strategy sessions generally last about 45 minutes and are a great time to ask questions about your specific desires, options and create a step-by-step plan for resolving your estate.

We Connect You with Local Market Experts Who Help You Navigate the Daunting World of Probate

Redux friends and clients have access to our remarkable list of proven local professionals. This list includes attorneys, CPA’s, financial advisors, personal property specialist, home remodelers, and many more. This community of trusted and proven professionals is invaluable because it can be quite challenging to find the most knowledgeable professionals with proven track records. Plus, these affiliates often provide exclusive discounts to our clients - discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

Some companies are only focused on helping you with your property. Others just on legal guidance. This most often means more complexity and more work for you as an Executor. We simplify everything. With Redux, you’ll partner with a team of proven experts who will look at your big picture. Our integrated approach simplifies everything and helps you design and complete a custom plan with the right mix of solutions and strategies to help you accomplish all of your goals. Whether you need help with estate administration, estate sale and clean out, financial planning, assistance with tax related matters, estate planning, or real estate solutions, we can do wonders in helping you successfully navigate Probate.  

We save you the time and money it takes to do it alone

Many fiduciaries don’t have the time or expertise to resolve the long list of “to-do’s” in resolving an estate. Whether it’s handling personal property, preparing an estate tax return, cleaning out real property, or selling real property. The tasks, time and expense can add up. We reduce these for you, but you don’t pay us a dime unless we produce results for you.

We offer quality education (For free!)

We believe that an educated executor is the most confident executor. We offer free guidance and information through our leading #ProbateNavigated podcast.