You see the guy below? People call him Jon, he’s the team leader of Redux Probate Solutions. That’s fine and all, but he works for me. I’m the President and I work for you, Probate Nation. You’re the toughest boss (strength in numbers), as you should be. I keep this "company" called REDUX PROBATE SOLUTIONS true to its grassroots beginning and I make sure that we do right by people (that means you). When you think of us, I want you to smile.

A lesser man would crumble in my boots.

My greatest fear is a boring life, we don’t believe in that for you or for us. We believe in telling great stories.

Love Gracie,

President, Redux Probate Solutions



Jonathan Smith is a Certified Probate Specialist and licensed realtor in VA and MD. He is the host of the #1 rated podcast #ProbateNavigated and team lead for the Probate Solutions Team at the Redux Group.

Jonathan has leveraged his 18 years of experiencing in helping people flourish as a pastor, teacher, and high-stakes counselor to develop a unique and high impact service and team that applies his proven techniques to the real estate world.

Prior to 2019 Jonathan was a pastor to one of the largest college ministries in Maryland before he founded a local non-profit aimed at helping college students effectively make the transition from college to the corporate world. While building and running this non-profit Jonathan continued to serve as a local pastor. During his time as a pastor, he effectively and consistently spoke to groups of thousands and groups no larger than one.

During Jonathan’s 18 years as a pastor, he was trained in the art of tactical counseling, effective communication and how to influence people so that they flourish in all areas of life. He brings all of these skills to bear to deliver the best results to clients.

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