Allen Herzberg - How to Get Through the "Jungle of Probate"

On our fourth episode of #ProbateNavigated we stop by to visit with the one and only Allen Herzberg, P.C.

Our discussion covers topics including how to prepare estate taxes, tips on choosing the right “tax guide,” who to invite to be on your “pit crew”, and a valuable resource to benefit from as you resolve your estate. I really enjoyed visiting with Allen as there’s a lot of actionable advice. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Tips from Allen:

  1. Identify and enroll experienced guides, namely, legal, tax, and property guides and enroll them early in the process
  2. Understand that there are different rules with estate tax preparation and therefore enroll a tax professional with estate tax preparation experience. 
  3. Organization is key. Write down key dates and when forms and files are due.
  4. You can download the FREE Estate Tax Administration Guide here

Questions to ask tax preparers to discern the best possible fit with estate return preparation:

  1. Based on our situation, what fiscal year should we choose?
  2. Tell us what your experience in serving clients with estate tax preparation has been? How many clients have you served in this area?
  3. Please tell me, what needs to be done?

You can connect with Allen through the information below:

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