Bryan Aguirre — How to Mitigate Risk, Insurance Related Mistakes to Avoid, & More

On our second episode of #ProbateNavigated we stop by to visit with Bryan Aguirre, managing partner at Capital Insurance Partners.

This discussion covers topics including how to ensure your estate assets have insurance coverage, mistakes to avoid, and a checklist to follow as you resolve your estate. I really enjoyed visiting with Bryan as there’s a lot of actionable advice. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


  1. Call the agent on file within 30 days of decedent’s passing
  2. Ensure that you have vacant home owners insurance. Check with your agent on file.
  3. Get numerous copies of the death certificate. You can get additional copies here
  4. Have essential documents in one place and well organized.

Questions to ask the agent on file:

  1. What does the auto policy coverage include? Does it cover vehicle usage for estate matters only?
  2. What limitations are there on the policy after 30 days?
  3. Who can drive the vehicle(s) and who can’t?
  4. Does the estate sale company provide a certificate of insurance to cover stolen items?
  5. What is the coverage on any item inside the house? Is there coverage for stolen valuables? What about liability should anyone fall and hurt themselves during an estate sale?

You can download the Checklist here

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Ready to Simplify?

I’ve created a cheat sheet for resolving YOUR ESTATE. If you follow this, your role as an executor or personal representative will be far simpler.

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