James Granoski — Why Working with an Attorney with Litigation Experience is Important, Key Tips, Mistakes to Avoid and Much More

On our fifth episode of #ProbateNavigated we stop by to visit with James Granoski.

James has been practicing law since 1991. He has represented clients and appeared in courts in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Florida. James is an experienced litigator and transaction attorney, with a broad-based background of legal work, which includes civil, criminal and commercial litigation, commercial contracts, real estate, probate and landlord/tenant representation. 

I very much enjoyed our discuss together. In this episode James covers topics including why working with an estate attorney that can not just write estate administration plans but enforce them is important, key resources to avail yourself to, what an attorney will and will not do, key conversations to have with your attorney, worst mistakes that many make but are avoidable, and bad recommendations to avoid to name just a few. I really enjoyed visiting with James as there’s a lot of actionable advice. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


  1. Have essential documents in one place and well organized.
  2. Give clear, crips answers to your attorney. 
  3. Get the checklist at the back of Guide to the Administration of Decedent’s Estates in Virginia

Questions to ask attorneys to discern the best possible fit:

  1. Have you won alot of cases like this?
  2. Have you worked through a case like ours?
  3. How much time will this take?
  4. What is the scope of their involvement? If I do this, given my background, do you think I will get into trouble?

Summary of Four Important Actions Executors Must Take

  1. Locate the will
  2. Know who the relatives are and their contact information
  3. Know what the decedent owned both in his/her name and jointly with others 
  4. Know whether or not the decedent had a trust

You can download the FREE Guide to the Administration of Decedent’s Estates in Virginia here

You can connect with James through the information below:

P | 703.300.2786

E | jamesgranoski@gmail.com

W | JamesGranoski.com


Ready to Simplify?

I’ve created a cheat sheet for resolving YOUR ESTATE. If you follow this, your role as an executor or personal representative will be far simpler.

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