Kelly Pinckard - How to Make Your Life Easier by Delighting your Commissioner of Accounts

On our seventh episode of #ProbateNavigated we visit with Kelly Pinckard, CPA and founder of Estate Accounting Solutions, a Virginia-based accounting firm that specializes in the preparation of fiduciary accounting reports for estates, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships, as well as all related tax returns.

With a background in auditing, Kelly knows exactly what the Commissioners of Accounts want to see when a fiduciary files his or her annual accounting reports, and maintains an excellent reputation with Commissioners of Accounts all over Virginia.

This episode is filled with so much great content we’ve decided to make it into 2 parts. Part 1 covers, a range of important topics including why making a calendar for what is due and when is critical, why expecting closing your estate in less than 6 months is often unrealistic, why ensuring order of priority with asset distribution is crucial, and more. In part two Kelly gives some great tips and resources for all of you DIY’er’s and provides some much needed clarity for those of you dealing with an insolvent estate.

Map for Navigating an Estate Tax Return:

  1. Make the plan
  2. Follow the plan
  3. Ask for help when you feel you need it
  4. Remember to protect yourself as a Fiduciary
  5. Maintain meticulous records

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