11 Duke Walker - Property and Probate


On our eleventh episode of #ProbateNavigated we stop by to visit with Duke Walker.

Duke Walker is the branch manager at Movement Mortgage in Washington DC and a good friend of mine.

In this episode Duke covers where mortgage issues and probate intersect, questions to ask your lender, most important things to deal with right away, and some costly mistakes to avoid

Questions to ask the lender:

  1. Are taxes and insurance of property escrowed (meaning included in the mortgage payment)? If they aren’t escrowed you need to make sure that you’ve allocated enough funds to pay taxes and insurance and when they are each due
  2. Can I get on the mortgage note?

Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Deferring important action items
  2. Be cautious with people reaching out that might be trying to take advantage of you

You can connect with Duke below:

P | (703) 599–8601

E | duke.walker@movement.com

W | https://movement.com/lo/duke-walker/

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